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We hope this area will answer most of your questions.  We will try to post  answers to new questions as soon as possible.  If anything is left un-answered for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Q.  What about ordering pictures for my webpage??

A.  We will sell you digital copies of the images you want for posting on your website, blog or sending to friends and family for less than the 4x6 price, however these digital copies will be optimized for the web at 72 pixels per inch and will only be created up to a maximum of 1200 pixels wide.  This will make your photos browser friendly with quick download times if emailed or during web browsing and yet maintaining the standard web quality.  However,  this will, at this resolution and with the optimization, make your photos suitable for the "web" or emailing only, and will not make good prints/enlargements at your local digital printing store (i.e. London drugs, Walmart, Futureshop).  They may be acceptable at 4x6 size, but will get blurry if you try to develop them to a larger size, and we do not warrant the web digitals for photo printing purposes.  Also new this year is a photo CD available of all your photos at this quality level and higher resolution Digital photos.  See our current price list.